I am happy to announce that Queen City Guitar (me) is now offering basic setups and a list of maintenance and repair chores for your beloved electric and acoustic guitars. I am working on a formal price list at this point, and will have it up shortly.

Please feel confident that I will be completely honest with you about my ability (or inability) to work on specific tasks on specific instruments. I am planning on being able to do free evaluations where we can quickly consult on whether or not I will be able to help, and just as importantly, whether the cost is worthwhile.

I am happy to take a look at any acoustic, and will honestly let you know if I am comfortable working on it. If it is just hopelessly far gone, I’ll say so. If it is so nice/expensive/custom that I am afraid to touch it, I’ll let you know that as well. At this point I am comfortable with basic setup on Fender and Gibson style electric guitars. Most electrics fall under this general category. I have gained experience with Parkers, which have a lot of unique attributes, and am happy to work on everything except their electronics. I have no experience with Floyd Rose type bridges, but hope to develop knowledge of them at some point.

I will be able to do basic fret dressing and leveling as well. From smoothing out the odd rough spot or buzz, to leveling and dressing them all. I am currently unequipped for re-fretting, but may be able to in the future.

I will also offer service on traditional wiring set ups. From swapping out pickups, to replacing switches, pots and caps.

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