At Queen City Guitar we strive to provide fine instruments in a manner that is rewarding for everyone. We hope the experience is pleasant for buyer and seller, and that everyone feels that they got a square, fair, deal. We aren’t looking to make a killing, nor are we looking to give anything away. There is always a fair middle ground where everyone walks away happy. If that is not possible, we would rather just walk away.

Please let us know what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to locate, procure, and get it into your hands for the best possible price. We deal almost exclusively with Gibson and Fender guitars and Fender basses, but also have amps, cases, and parts.

Check us out on Reverb.com, or contact us here. We are working on a brick and mortar location at the moment and will keep you posted on developments as they unfold.

Thanks for looking!

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